Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello Hotstuff!

As Carol and I were walking down to the internet cafe, Carol's moto driver drove past and gave a holler. As we were visiting with the missionary families, we told of our adventure last night. They all laughed at how Carol held on to her moto driver and not the back as customary here. Everyone agreed the driver went away with a story to tell his friends. Just happened that we see the poor soul tonight.

Carol and I had a quiet morning at market today. We went in and picked out a tribal lady carrying a heavy basket of produce. Followed her through the market watching what she did, who she encountered, the various people paying her no mind as she wove in and out of bodies. People everywhere, hurrying, standing, squatting, sitting, shuffling by. I prayed she'd make what she needed from the goods she was about to sell. I prayed for the food she was purchasing/trading that those who came in contact with those vegetables would here Gods word in their language. I asked for protection over her as her callused feet took her safely home today. I prayed for comfort, health, family, her village and their salvation. My God can do all these things.

You see these people coming and going and you can't help but wonder what their life is about. Have they ever heard of Jesus? What pain is in their lives, what joy, what brings them joy, what do they dream of, what are they thinking of me, a foreigner? Was she a hottie in her time, before the hardness of her labor intensive life took over. Now leaving her shoulders bent with the weight she now bares from caring rice in her decorative, handmade basket. I followed her until I lost her in the commotion. Moto's trying to drive in and out of small walkways. It lasted for about an hour of my day and all I could think about for the rest of the day was this wonderful woman and her life.

Here we are at the end of the day. Two things I know for certain: 1-This woman is somewhere in Cambodia and I am praying for her. 2-Carol still has it!

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