Monday, December 6, 2010

Do they want me to recycle or what?

With the holidays coming I've been doing more shopping than usual. When I go grocery shopping I usually have to bag my own items. Not a big deal, I like to give my kids 'jobs' when we go to the store, so they have something to 'help' mom with. It keeps them occupied and I get to keep tabs on how my purchases are ringing up. My grocery store of chose gives me one cent back for every recycle bag I choose. Not a big deal you might say, but when you are more concerned about how much I saved, rather than what I actually spent. Let's just say that little penny makes me happy!

Anyway...lately, I've been doing some Christmas shopping for the family and I have been taking our recycle bags with us to the department stores. I always start by telling the checkout person, "I've brought my own bag (with a smile)". There is usually a nice reply back, acknowledging that I'm a good citizen to care about the environment and my children’s future. Inevitably, the clerk slides my purchases into the ornate plastic bag, tries to push me into applying for the department credit card, and when I decline the offer...continues by asking me to donate to some charitable organization. They don't really care or remember what I said two minutes earlier, the focus is getting me to spend more money than I intended and have me walk through the mall showcasing what store I spent my hard-earned dollar at. Enough! Let me use my bag, buy what I want, and leave with a smile:)