Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Habits passed on...

If you are not sure of your parenting style, stop and watch your children and the habits they have learned. I never knew how much I said a certain word or phrase, until my 2 year old first started talking. You quickly assess and adjust your vocab when something pops out of their mouths that give you a double take and ask "what did she just say?". I am happy to report that there hasn't been anything coming out of my toddlers mouth that is rude, crude, or inappropriate for her age, or anybody else for that matter. I credit this small triumph to the fact that she is child number three and we have retrained ourselves with better words.

What I didn't anticipate was how she would take an everyday event, that has become a daily ritual, and turn it into something so ugly. That's right...U-G-L-Y! My daughter aquired a small panda bear from a friend and wanted to take her (i think it is a her, how do you check animals for that stuff?)home for a bath. Aaawwhhh, you might say? For a number of days after we got home with our new best friend, she asked repeatedly if Panda could have a bath with her. Of course I wasn't willing to give in to this idea. Unfortunately, I said 'no' too many times, and that is when she decided to take matters into her own little, 2 year old, hands. She decided to wash Panda in the toilet. I supose she was wanting to put Panda in the spin cycle, when she decided to flushed Panda down the toilet. I can't tell you how proud she was of herself!

She quickly reported the events as they took place, and as I ran to the bathroom and heard the sound of water filling the tank, I knew it was too late...for me and Panda. I won't fill you in on the event to follow, but I think the photo explaines it all.