Thursday, November 4, 2010

What do you do all day?

That seems to be the burning question my family has for me now that I'm no longer "working". Occasionally I will hear, "Must be nice to be at home, relaxing with Essy". Seriously! The only time I get to relax is when I have the opportunity to sneak to the potty by myself. Nap time is shorter and shorter these days, but that is when I complete (or sometimes start) those chores that require only mommy hands and thought. You know, the types...anything requiring bleach, substances that cause permanent staining, sorting/cleaning files of important papers, bill paying, toxic fumes, grease, high levels of concentration.

How can I possible get things 'done' when all I want to do is kiss on those soft, mushy, adorable cheeks. Or engage in conversation to hear those cute antidotes and unique pronunciation of perfectly chosen words.

By noon I'm exhausted and need a nap of my own. Dee is usually home for lunch which is a treat for me these days. I look across the room at her (18 years old) and turn to see Essy 2 years old), only to realize just how fast time flies. So my chores don't always get done, and I don't have the most organized home, my kids inspire me, and not having a chance to 'relax' keeps me skinny!