Monday, November 28, 2011

A Year Gone Bye

almost a whole year has gone by since i've been here. i've been harrassed by many to keep up on what is going on in my crazy life. Too much to even talk about, in fact, i'd just rather not most of the time. i've been emailing many of u and i find that i do alot of cutting and pasting to bring u all up to speed. it is becoming quite rediculous so i am again going to give this blog thing another shot. i don't know if i have anything great to share, so u can read it and decide for urselves.

the holidays are in full swing and i'm finding that it is exhausting me just thinking about everything that is coming up. i spent thanksgiving week with family. i say week because most of my holidays aren't just the typical one dayers. i wish they were but they aren't. i would love to spend a holiday at home, but often find that there are people to see and am on the move to ensure everyone gets a piece of me and my girls. i am greatful for many things this year. greatful for the well being of my kids. greatful my parents are well and surviving all that life throws at them. greatful for my job. greatful for the warmth and love that has surrounded me when i didn't deserve it. i'm also feeling sad for my family members who have lost loved ones. my heart aches for them this holiday season. wes, james, tomas, g'pa larry, neil, and sharon... u are loved and missed. i will be grateful for my chaos and disfunction. i am greatful i knew u all.