Monday, November 28, 2011

A Year Gone Bye

almost a whole year has gone by since i've been here. i've been harrassed by many to keep up on what is going on in my crazy life. Too much to even talk about, in fact, i'd just rather not most of the time. i've been emailing many of u and i find that i do alot of cutting and pasting to bring u all up to speed. it is becoming quite rediculous so i am again going to give this blog thing another shot. i don't know if i have anything great to share, so u can read it and decide for urselves.

the holidays are in full swing and i'm finding that it is exhausting me just thinking about everything that is coming up. i spent thanksgiving week with family. i say week because most of my holidays aren't just the typical one dayers. i wish they were but they aren't. i would love to spend a holiday at home, but often find that there are people to see and am on the move to ensure everyone gets a piece of me and my girls. i am greatful for many things this year. greatful for the well being of my kids. greatful my parents are well and surviving all that life throws at them. greatful for my job. greatful for the warmth and love that has surrounded me when i didn't deserve it. i'm also feeling sad for my family members who have lost loved ones. my heart aches for them this holiday season. wes, james, tomas, g'pa larry, neil, and sharon... u are loved and missed. i will be grateful for my chaos and disfunction. i am greatful i knew u all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Do they want me to recycle or what?

With the holidays coming I've been doing more shopping than usual. When I go grocery shopping I usually have to bag my own items. Not a big deal, I like to give my kids 'jobs' when we go to the store, so they have something to 'help' mom with. It keeps them occupied and I get to keep tabs on how my purchases are ringing up. My grocery store of chose gives me one cent back for every recycle bag I choose. Not a big deal you might say, but when you are more concerned about how much I saved, rather than what I actually spent. Let's just say that little penny makes me happy!

Anyway...lately, I've been doing some Christmas shopping for the family and I have been taking our recycle bags with us to the department stores. I always start by telling the checkout person, "I've brought my own bag (with a smile)". There is usually a nice reply back, acknowledging that I'm a good citizen to care about the environment and my children’s future. Inevitably, the clerk slides my purchases into the ornate plastic bag, tries to push me into applying for the department credit card, and when I decline the offer...continues by asking me to donate to some charitable organization. They don't really care or remember what I said two minutes earlier, the focus is getting me to spend more money than I intended and have me walk through the mall showcasing what store I spent my hard-earned dollar at. Enough! Let me use my bag, buy what I want, and leave with a smile:)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What do you do all day?

That seems to be the burning question my family has for me now that I'm no longer "working". Occasionally I will hear, "Must be nice to be at home, relaxing with Essy". Seriously! The only time I get to relax is when I have the opportunity to sneak to the potty by myself. Nap time is shorter and shorter these days, but that is when I complete (or sometimes start) those chores that require only mommy hands and thought. You know, the types...anything requiring bleach, substances that cause permanent staining, sorting/cleaning files of important papers, bill paying, toxic fumes, grease, high levels of concentration.

How can I possible get things 'done' when all I want to do is kiss on those soft, mushy, adorable cheeks. Or engage in conversation to hear those cute antidotes and unique pronunciation of perfectly chosen words.

By noon I'm exhausted and need a nap of my own. Dee is usually home for lunch which is a treat for me these days. I look across the room at her (18 years old) and turn to see Essy 2 years old), only to realize just how fast time flies. So my chores don't always get done, and I don't have the most organized home, my kids inspire me, and not having a chance to 'relax' keeps me skinny!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Potty Training Pitfalls

The goal is to get your kids out of diapers, right? The little one has been waking up dry for a month now and wouldn't you know it, I decided not to put a diaper on her last night. Oh,and by chance, on the same night, my hubbie decided not to move her from our bed. I had confidence in my child, what was his excuse? I guess it was destined to happen, and I suspect it won't be the last time I wake up with someone elses pee on me. We reached the next level in stage 1 training... NEVER get up and leave the immediate target area without proper bottom checking! Every 2 year old needs adiquate QC in this department. The big question around this house is, 'who's most qualified for this job? I argue that just because I'm the most qualified, this makes me a supervisor, and they, the trainees.

The middle child seems to have it down. The oldest, is there too,although I'm trying to maintain the idea of being safe, make the right decisions, don't partake in events that could leave you permanently injured, etc. The last thing I want is for her to end up seriously hurt and wearing some kind of urine catching devise before she reaches the 'golden years'. Hmmmm, the 'golden years'?:)) I crack myself up! This post is going down the toilet fast:D

Today's gold star goes to my middle monkey for keeping the down low on this subject all together! Good Job B!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Last Prom

I spent the day with D as she prepared for her Senior Prom. We went to lunch, sat through a hair appointment, ran to Macy's for makeup, shopped for last minute items, home to dress and up to the golf course for pictures. I choked back the tears as I watched the limo drive away with my first born. I have to say though, I am so happy for her right now. She is going with bunch of friends that she has been with for years. I love these kids like my own, and have just as much time invested in each of them as I do D. Sporting events, awards, school functions, dances, sleep overs, meals, rides, texts, etc. Here she is...the four besties. I'm not ready for graduation, but it is soon approaching. I have two more girls and two more Senior Proms. It's all going too fast!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Habits passed on...

If you are not sure of your parenting style, stop and watch your children and the habits they have learned. I never knew how much I said a certain word or phrase, until my 2 year old first started talking. You quickly assess and adjust your vocab when something pops out of their mouths that give you a double take and ask "what did she just say?". I am happy to report that there hasn't been anything coming out of my toddlers mouth that is rude, crude, or inappropriate for her age, or anybody else for that matter. I credit this small triumph to the fact that she is child number three and we have retrained ourselves with better words.

What I didn't anticipate was how she would take an everyday event, that has become a daily ritual, and turn it into something so ugly. That's right...U-G-L-Y! My daughter aquired a small panda bear from a friend and wanted to take her (i think it is a her, how do you check animals for that stuff?)home for a bath. Aaawwhhh, you might say? For a number of days after we got home with our new best friend, she asked repeatedly if Panda could have a bath with her. Of course I wasn't willing to give in to this idea. Unfortunately, I said 'no' too many times, and that is when she decided to take matters into her own little, 2 year old, hands. She decided to wash Panda in the toilet. I supose she was wanting to put Panda in the spin cycle, when she decided to flushed Panda down the toilet. I can't tell you how proud she was of herself!

She quickly reported the events as they took place, and as I ran to the bathroom and heard the sound of water filling the tank, I knew it was too late...for me and Panda. I won't fill you in on the event to follow, but I think the photo explaines it all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ruby Slippers

It never fails, when your far from home you always think of Dorthy and those ruby slippers...'there's no place like home'. She was right. After 33 hours of travel we finally arrived home this morning at 12:01 am. The house was still standing, in fact it looked better than when I left it. DD took extra time in cleaning up for me and I feel bad, because there are still bags, laundry, mail and newspapers scattered everywhere. I didn't get much done today, just hung out with the entire family, took an afternoon nap and thought about everything we experienced.

We had the greatest time in Cambodia. I think Carol hit the nail on the head when she made a comment on the way home last night. We were reaping the fruits of past trips this time around. Relationships and trust have been built over the past 5 years and we were really able to enjoy each other. Many times when we (foreigners) are at villages, we are seen as tourist. They think we are there to look at the poor village people. Foreigners are met with scepticism, what do they want from me or what are they here for? Curiosity, who are they and what makes them come? This trip, there was warm welcomes, remembering back to past visits, thankfulness for remembering them, thankfulness for returning, thankfulness for prayer, catching up with friends and making new friendships. Those working with the Krung were greatful for our return and our commitment to encourage, pray, and support their work. Trust has been established and friendships built. We did reap the fruits of past visits.

We were asked regularly, "why are you going? What is the purpose?" Here is what one missionary wrote in his January 31st newsletter...

The past several days we have had an enjoyable and encouraging time with four visitors from a congregation in Oregon that has a special interest and commitment to the work among the Krung people. They were able to visit a number of outlying Krung villages with one of our friends working here and then they had time with us at our translation office and home, and were able to see up close some of the details of what we do. I am reminded of what Paul wrote as he anticipated a future visit to the believers at Rome: "...that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith." (Romans 1.12)

This missionary was at our hotel in the early morning darkness to wish us farewell. He wanted to make sure our taxi arrived and we were headed in the right direction. To see this giant of a man melt as BB hugged his waist was a special moment. They miss their children and grandchildren. To have a few short days together, and share a few meals, meant as much to them as it did us.

It was the little moments like the early morning good-bye that I want to remember the most. Our time in Phnom Penh and Seim Reap was memorable for other reasons. But the real heart of the trip was in Ban Lung. I started a list of those 'nothing' or small things that I wanted to remember. Here's what I had written down:

Silverware in boiling water
The fabric of my skirt & how it must feel to foreign fingers
Fresh, sweet mango
Seeds/pits in the bananas
Baby at the internet cafe
Bubbles in the village
Excitement over small items from home
Translation of Exodus
Watching a going home video
Leg on Carols lip
Carols first moto ride
Bridge mending
Giving individuals their prayer cards
Chocolate chip cookies
2 vehicles damaged from the terrain
2 moto accidents in the dust
Baby in the hammock
Lotus balm
Tribal ladies at the market
Church in the village
Kane children hugging and cuddling us
Elephant on main street Phnom Penh
Hannah hugging Chuck
Hunting wild pig
Xing bamboo bridge in jungle
International keyboards
Big spiders
Iced coffee
Ankor Wat
Frog legs
Dr Fish

I'm still processing all that we did and all that we shared. I don't know how to answer some of the questions people are going to have for us. If I stare at you blankly its because I don't know where to start and when to end. I can tell you it was Amazing! I am forever greatful for having the experience.

I'll try and figure out how to post photos this weekend.