Monday, January 25, 2010

X Country, X Culture, Xing Barriers

Last night was alot of fun. We had dinner with some friends we made here 5 years ago. It's always fun to sit and share a meal with someone you've been praying for. Bee is always a gracious host and last night was no exception. We met at a local church leaders home and got to meet with his family, and 3 others committed to translating the bible into the Brao language. To hear what they have to endure and the process, makes you really appreciate our bible all the more. Our pastor has been doing a great study this month on how the bible came to us. If ur not a church goer, but love history you might want to hear some of the past sermons. You can check them out at

Hannah is a secret weapon here in Cambodia. Many people glance over the foreigners walking through the streets, but boy do they spot Hannah. As I look around at the other foreigners, you don't see any children with them. Her dark eyes, long lashes, freckles and fair skin are show stoppers here. We've had many opportunities to talk with the locals, that would have just walked past us. The kids here love her. Some people remember her being here from past visits. My poor little girl had a rough night last night. She is doing well, but i think the heat, long walks, and different foods are all a bad combination for her. She has never had problems in the past, but for some reason this time is tougher. The more we come the braver we are with the local cuisine. I'll have to remember to ease into it next time and not dive in fork first.

Carol and I were here at the internet cafe last night when our moto showed up to take us to dinner. Carol's eyes go so wide:) We've been talking about how we get around (we ride on the back of a scooter, sometimes 2-3 of us at a time with the driver). I don't know if she thought i was kidding, but boy did she have a good time! We laughed all the way there watching her hang on to the driver by the waist (a no-no here). Hannah explained she needed to hang onto the back of the seat or just relax and go with it. To get us home, two kind gentlemen from dinner took the four of us on two moto's. Scott and Hannah; Carol and Karen. I sat in the middle and carol was on the back. The driver started to go and Carol shouted "Wait!!" She couldn't sit on the seat and hang on too. So I hung on to her legs and she hung on...well i don't know, i was laughing too hard. We safely arrived at the hotel and we were still laughing, even our driver. Carol told me this morning she almost peed her pant we were laughing so hard. All we thought of was the scene in the movie Dumb and still makes me laugh!

We are getting ready to have lunch with the Olson and Keller families. It will be good to see them and catch up on what has been going on the past couple of years. We'll be walking for those who are curios!

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KI said...

SO enjoying hearing about your adventures over there. Thanks for sharing!!! Praying...