Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Soap and water

Squatting under a modest size home on stilts with a 2 month old baby girl sleeping alone in a gently rocking hammock. Moms visiting and toddlers scattered about, this was a different kind of MOPS group. That is how i spent my morning. Visiting with a couple of moms, and there children today in a village that K. Mallow works in. The Mallow family isn't here at the moment, but Kevin brought us here to meet with a family of believers. The husband was working in the fields, rather making a field. He was cutting down trees today. The ladies were home and children were coming quickly to hold on to their moms. I wanted so badly to pick a couple of them up and give them a big squeeze and kiss. I miss my baby! I was looking pretty scary, because they were hiding behind mom. I brought out some bubbles and started making these strange things that would float wildly by. Soon the smiles emerged, then the arms started swinging at the bubbles. Before we knew it kids were running and chasing the bubbles faster than i could make them. A little girl came over and I let her make some. All the other kids were cheering her on. Moms were smiling and swatting bubbles.

We didn't have Hannah today, she spent the day with the Olson kids. I figured I would need something to attract the attention of the kids in the village. Well I knew we were the attraction, but we're sometimes scary. I needed a lure and bubbles worked! At the end of our visit, we handed out some little packets of jelly beans that were given to my before we left Oregon. I gave a mom a big handful i was packing in my pocket and as we drove away, moms and children were eating candy and smiling.

We will be picked up in an hour and revisit the village to meet with the husbands. We'll update some photos and here some prayer requests of the families. I have oranges ready to go and nice large bottle of bubbles. I let you know where the wind takes us tomorrow

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