Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taipei here i am

Okay so its January 22 at 7:30. WE arrived about an hour ago now. I think its safe to say i won't run into anyone here i know. You don't know how grateful i am for that right now. Jet lagged, bed head, red eyes, etc. Oh, and if anyone stopes to talk to me they better be standing a good distance away cause i haven't brushed my teeth since January 20th. With that said, i can honestly say i have arrived the same as i left: tired, excited,overwhelmed, and missing my girls immensely!!! With just one more short flight of about 3 hours we will arrive in Phnom Phen. I'm looking forward the warmth of the climate, the people, my luggage, a great dinner and sharing the experience with Carol and my family. Hannah is doing awesome. She was awake until 2 am and had as much sleep as i had. What a trooper! Off to our next gate! Until Phnom Phen, Karen

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