Friday, January 22, 2010

Lovely Lady Locs

We have finally arrived! We have been talking about this moment for almost a year now. To get off the plane was an overwhelming flow of emotions. As you are getting off you are just releaved to have finally arrived safely. The next thing that hits you is the heat as you slowly move through the terminal waiting your turn to get ur visa and enter the country. The excitement of leaving the airport and venturing out with a taxi driver onto the busy streets of Phnom Penh don't fully prepare you for what yuo are about to experience.

Kevin Olson was waiting for us and directed our taxi to the guesthouse of choice. He suggested we keep moving so we could adjust to the time diffence better. After a looonnnnggggg walk, in the heat and sun, we were more exhausted than ever. Everywhere you look there is something to see. We all agreed to stop and eat at one of Kevin's favorite restaurants. We had excellent Kmher food. Almost finished with dinner, and Hannah almost took a nose dive into her meal. She was so tired out she just couldn't take it anymore. She quitely leaned over and said, "mom, i need to go back to the hotel now". I took her back and as she slept I had a long awaited shower. Awhhhh!!! Nice, cool, just what i needed and those within 'nose' range. I was sitting out on the patio/balcony letting my hair dry in the breeze, when I looked across and saw another foreigner doing the same. As it is getting darker I can see other ladies doing the same thing. Here just a matter of hours, and we've already fallen into the 'norm'.

It's now time to give this body the much needed rest it is yelling for. Carol just reminded me it is 4:00 am at home. 7:00 pm here and it is bedtime for this girl. Note: there will be many typos in this post!

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