Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leaving Golden Guesthouse

Sitting & waiting for the taxi to come. I'm so glad we took the time to see some history and walk the streets of phnom penh. It gave us a chance to interact with ppl and work on my Khmer. Met some great ppl, got a little climatized to the weather and reLized how the rest of the world knows how spoiled we r. We were asked many time if we anted a toke toke (taxi). It was too far for is to walk. We even had a couple of drivers offer to get us an air conditioned car. We didn't walk all that far yesterday but still managed to come away with some blister.

Some of the hidden highlights were talking (with little khmer) to different ppl on the street. We stopped at a streetwise mrkt and bought some warred from an elderly woman who looked to b taken with Hannah as we walked past. So we took the time to stop, buy some water and visit. she rubbed hannas arm and was quite surprised we could negotiate price with her in her language. It was soon discovered that we only knew the basics but she was frinning from ear ro ear.

Walking through the stre

gotta go! Taxi here!

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