Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have arrived...

Those who work with me would get a kick out of that, "I have arrived!" Anyway, boy was it packed! The ride that is, we did it true Cambodian style. Us Americans had more luggage than passangers and that caused a decrease in leg room. We are stiff, tired, not so hungry, (still recovering from some car sickness)but truely excited to be here. We arrived at the hotel and Kevin Olson called to see where we were at in the treck. I was happy to report we made it without incident. He invited Carol to ride along with him to a village tomorrow, and she still has a permagrin! Ahhh that Carol! How many friends do you have that you can say, "Hey Carol, I think you have a leg sticking to your lip". No joke, I went to the bathroom to pee on my foot, which i did, and when i came back to the van she had a leg stuck to her lip! She ate a grasshopper along with my husband. Why, you would ask? Beacause it was offered to her:) She spoke the Vredenburg language of love for 11 hours of travel and made friends with our traveler companions. If you ever have a chance, i highly recommend you take an out of country trip her. It is so much fun to sit back and watch her interact with the people. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time:0

We arrived at the hotel to be greated by the owner Miss Kim as we call her. We got out of the van and she said, "I remember you, you are back for another visit". She finds it facinating that we would keep coming back to Cambodia. She asked about our friends that have been with us in the past and of course Demi. Remembered we are from Oregon, and helped us with our luggage.

Tomorrow, we visit with some friends we have made over the years and distribute the goodies we've brought for everyone. We just got here and the time is going too fast. My only thoughts of home at this point are of my family. Every meal we end up talking about Dem and Sophia. I miss my girls.

It's starting to get dark. I need to get Carol and I back to the hotel, just a block away, but still in the dark is not good. keep you posted as the week progresses

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