Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Backfill from Monday

The last couple od days have been a blur. We left Ban Lung, Ratanakiri on Monday enroute to Siem Reap. One taxi, one bus and fourteen hours later we arrived. There was alot of the country side to see and lots of memories to relive during the trip. Carol and I boarded the bus and it was obviouse we had never done this before. Many of the veterans pointed to the back of the bus. Not what I had pictured in my mind. I'm someone who gets car sick on the three mile drive to Oakland. I picked a seat that didn't have anything in it and waited with anxiety hoping that no one would come and tell me the seat I was in was already taken. Wouldn't you know it, a man came down the isle and saw Carol in his seat. We were sure this is what he was communicating. Carol got up and started wondering up and down the isle like a lost lamb. The man took pity and gave her back the seat. She sat down and now we both wondered who's chair I had taken. When the bus started to roll we both took a sigh of relief.

We arrived at the hotel and Carol's friend was waiting to meet us. It was late but we all decided to get a quick bite to eat. We then hit the hay with a heavy head. That was pretty much our Monday. We are getting ready to board for Taipei. I'll fill u in on yesterday when we land.

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